Saturday, November 1, 2014

Blog Post #11

What Can we Learn about teaching and learning from these teachers.

In the video Back to the future Brain talks about how he taught the students a new way of learning. I learned in this video that students need to use many different resources like flickr and wiki pages. Brain taught me that when teaching the students to do a blog post to get them to write about the project in different ways. Like about what happened in the event from their point of view and write about what happened as if you were the balloon. The students leaned more about writing from themselves just by doing this simple project. Then they write a post about different experiments they did which actually helps them review and remember what, how, and why it happened. By also making the students comment on the comments they got. Which will led them to go and comment on the commenters blog creating more knowledge to be spread around the world.

Paul explains in his video Blended Learning Cycle his QUIVERS which is an acronym for Question, Investigate, Video, Elaboration, Review, and Summary quiz. Where as a teacher I can use this learning cycle for many different subjects like a science project. Then going to the students and preforming the quivers by asking them questions online. Then by setting up an experiment for them to put what they learned from the doing the experiment. Then let them post a video on their blog for other students. Elaboration would be to read what the key points are in the subject. Then Reviewing to see if the student truly know what they are doing. Last is the Summary quiz to give them a quiz over all of what they covered in the experiment and what they learned during the experiment.

In Super Digital Citizens by Sam Pane he lets the students learn about internet safety by first letting each student create a superhero on a website.
Sam Pane Himself
Then they would have to make a small comic strip and use the hero they just made to save them from making a mistake on the internet like giving out personal information or by opening inappropriate websites. I learned that the students know who to use computer safety it is just getting other ideas of what not to do to help them learn better and safer ways to use the internet.


  1. Hi Caleb! I like how you explained the video briefly and then explained how you would and could use the ideas in your own classroom. I noticed in your blog "then" is used frequently. One way to help the reader understand order would be to use "first, second,..." Good post! Keep up the good work!

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