Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post #13

I think this assignment Blog Post #13 is the best assignment so far. This assignment lets the student show his or her ability to make their own assignment for the class to see. For a teacher you will see what students care about. In the future the teacher could use the students assignment for future students for other students to gain knowledge on the subject.

My assignment will be to inform me what I could do better or what subjects, if I have missed one, would they like to see other EDM310 students learn. Use references, pictures, or another source to further explain their reasoning. Please as a teacher I must know and for other students should know about important subjects.
Feedback written on a clearboard

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  1. Hi Caleb,
    While I understand what your assignment would be, I think you missed the point of what Dr. Strange asked us to do. He wanted us to create an assignment akin to his previous assignments and then to actually perform the assignment. While you slightly created your assignment, you didn't actually create an assignment. I chose "Digital Citizenship", I had videos and articles, then I wrote the actual blog about it.