Sunday, November 30, 2014

blog post #5 B

My PLNs are Google, facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, blogger, gmail, google weather, espn, and more. Some people I will keep in contact with for helping me are JEN, KYLE, and Sammi.
PLNs make doing research so much easier. Any student that uses a website alot like Blogger or USA Saki should use a PLN. When I become a teacher one of my requirements for my class is to have a PLN and tell me how it makes your researching easier or harder.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

c4k's November

William N. Blog is a video that shows dancing between great men. The video is Here it is hard for me to describe it so there is the video to describe it for me.

I commented Nice use of the Video William. It was very interesting watching those two men dance. They look like they were having so much fun dancing. Personally i am not good at dancing but I got some friends that might want to try it. I might post it on my Blog. Keep up the good work.

Olivia did a great project. She was put into groups with her best friend and they took pictures of themselves and edited them using some software not mentioned. When the art work was done you could see a cartoony look to them but the key point of the pictures is their glasses. In their glasses they had what they wanted to be when they grew up. Her's was a sports journalist and her friends was a physical trainer for the Dallas Cowboys

I commented Olivia I loved how you talked about your project. You did not just go into the blog saying here is the out come. You showed us step by step how you came to the outcome, which is the best way to show an audience how the outcome happened. The picture inside the glasses are awesome. I hope you and Abby get your dream jobs.

ALEX wrote a blog post using new vocabulary words. He used words like excursion and Stupefy.

I commented Alex I am a student at the University of South Alabama and I have read this post and I must say that is a great job using new and unusual vocabulary words. Keep up the great work

Sunday, November 16, 2014

project #12

Blog Post #13

I think this assignment Blog Post #13 is the best assignment so far. This assignment lets the student show his or her ability to make their own assignment for the class to see. For a teacher you will see what students care about. In the future the teacher could use the students assignment for future students for other students to gain knowledge on the subject.

My assignment will be to inform me what I could do better or what subjects, if I have missed one, would they like to see other EDM310 students learn. Use references, pictures, or another source to further explain their reasoning. Please as a teacher I must know and for other students should know about important subjects.
Feedback written on a clearboard

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blog Post #12

We did this blog post collaboratively. We are Kyle, Jennifer, and Sammie. We all watched or read two links we were given. We each put the link on a slide, then we wrote what the video/reading was about, and last we wrote about how can we use what we learned in the classroom. Hope You enjoy the slides.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Blog Post #11

What Can we Learn about teaching and learning from these teachers.

In the video Back to the future Brain talks about how he taught the students a new way of learning. I learned in this video that students need to use many different resources like flickr and wiki pages. Brain taught me that when teaching the students to do a blog post to get them to write about the project in different ways. Like about what happened in the event from their point of view and write about what happened as if you were the balloon. The students leaned more about writing from themselves just by doing this simple project. Then they write a post about different experiments they did which actually helps them review and remember what, how, and why it happened. By also making the students comment on the comments they got. Which will led them to go and comment on the commenters blog creating more knowledge to be spread around the world.

Paul explains in his video Blended Learning Cycle his QUIVERS which is an acronym for Question, Investigate, Video, Elaboration, Review, and Summary quiz. Where as a teacher I can use this learning cycle for many different subjects like a science project. Then going to the students and preforming the quivers by asking them questions online. Then by setting up an experiment for them to put what they learned from the doing the experiment. Then let them post a video on their blog for other students. Elaboration would be to read what the key points are in the subject. Then Reviewing to see if the student truly know what they are doing. Last is the Summary quiz to give them a quiz over all of what they covered in the experiment and what they learned during the experiment.

In Super Digital Citizens by Sam Pane he lets the students learn about internet safety by first letting each student create a superhero on a website.
Sam Pane Himself
Then they would have to make a small comic strip and use the hero they just made to save them from making a mistake on the internet like giving out personal information or by opening inappropriate websites. I learned that the students know who to use computer safety it is just getting other ideas of what not to do to help them learn better and safer ways to use the internet.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blog Post #10

Ms. Cassidy is an Elementary teacher up in Canada. She shows us what her first grade students are up to in Little Kids...Big Potential. She shows us that her students us the very same technology we have and letting her students us it to enhance the students learning. Most of the learning comes from writing from comments. Many of their classmates and many other people from across America comment on the students blog in order to become more efficient in writing. Using the internet with blogs that let anyone read the post very helpful because the feedback the children get can become life changing. Anyone can leave a comment which could help the student learn a new thing or a new approach to the subject. I believe that is why Ms. Cassidy has her students learning and doing blogs.

Ms. Cassidy's class in a skype meeting with another teacher

I might would use the techniques that she uses in Interview 3 which is hiding the students from others. She goes out there and changes the pictures of the student and uses only first name to protect the students. Protecting the students is the most important thing a teacher ,who uses technology like blogger, to do. With all the creeps and offenders they might try to connect with the student in someway and try to find them. As a teacher you must protect the students from it always try and help the students out always let them show you there work. Ask questions about who commented and make it where the I ,the teacher, has to agree the comment before anyone else to see it. If I found out that anyone of my students were in trouble on the internet by someone out there I would call the cops to alert them about SO SO and help the student out by changing their name, age, and picture but still allow the other students to view the blogs that student post. Also to announce it in the classblog that the student has ran into some problems and this is their new blogger and this is his profile so remember this student is now called Jon.

In Interview 2 Ms. Cassidy tells us . people in EDM310, that we should start joining twitter not only for the social aspects but the learning aspects. I did not think I could join twitter to help out other teachers. I was just using Twitter as a social media but now that I know I can help more people out with my comments I will be more vocal on any question I see on my Twitter. Because any one comment can change the way you see things, one day my friend showed me a video about a certain subject ( I will not say the subject do to the fact it will raise heated arguments and discomfort) and now my life completely has been change. I always second guessed the subject even though I do not believe it. I just thinking that this could be real really scares me and makes me see the world in a different way.

c4k"s october

   Clifton's blog said, "What are the things in your life you can convince someone to change?" He goes to in saying, "people are out of control".

   I commented Clifton people are going out of control but we as humans can change anyone’s life just by being ourselves. Peer pressure is one of the most worst things that many young kids can go through. Many kids do bad things under peer pressure. It is not only the kids that feel peer pressure it is also the adults. Adults feel peer pressure just around the office where many of their co workers are.

      Natasha's blog was about Should kids lose recess. She argues that the student should realize that in a act it states that recess is a privilege not a right. She goes on sharing that she believes you can get better students out of taking away recess from the misbehaved students and let the good kids play.

   I commented I agree with you Natasha. Kids now a days think that they just can have recess no matter what. Many more schools need to push forward and make the kids know that recess is a privilege in school. Kids will then start to behave better so that way they can get to go to recess and will led to less complications in the class room.

   Nike's blog asked one big question," Is Football to dangerous for kids". He states " That football gives kids one too many concussions. Showing that youth football players should not go tackle head first because it causes more concussions.

   I commented Nike why I agree that concussions are bad I just do not think they will change football for the youth. As a volunteer coach we are teaching the youth better and more proper ways to tackle so they will be less likely to get a concussion.

    Taimana blog is about "What do Capitals mean". He goes saying that what should be capitalized in letters like Names, pronouns, places, religious holiday, and more. At the end he goes and makes a rubric of how he grades a paragraph in many areas like vocabulary, Spelling, meaning, and more.

    I commented Great job Taimana. Capital letters are important for a paragraph to move more smoothly throughout the writing. I agree with your graph. It shows how you understand the whole picture of writing nit just small things. Keep up the great work.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blog Post #9

    In the Seven Essentials for PBL and in the video PBL for Teachers states out its driving question with what does every good project needs? Both begin with “A need to know”, which is like sparking the interest for the students to learn with a video or other means of engaging the students. Two was “A driving question” which is giving the students a clear and challenging question for them to overcome in the classroom. Third was “Student voice and choice” which is what topic the student wants to choose to how to give the driving question answered. Fourth was “21st century skills” which means the students should build their use with technology by using it to help with communications, working together, and also critical thinking. Fifth was “Inquiry and innovation” which is the student using their own inquiry in their own work to help find and understand the driving question? Last was “Feedback and revision” which gives the student the opportunity to correct the errors they make because let’s face it no one’s project will be 100% right. Then the students will publicly give their project to not only the class but also to everyone by putting it on the internet.

PBL design

    In PBL and Physical Education they use the same techniques also not only help some one in the class room but also activities such as sports

    In this video What motivates Students Today are students saying what makes them more motivated in school. First was to congratulate the student on their hard work and their grade. Which makes the student feel like the work he did was good and to keep up the good work they have done in the class. Second is them looking forward beyond the school year but after they graduate and try to do what they want to do in life. Next the students talked about what the teachers in their schools have done for rewards.

    InKetchup solvers two senior students love ketchup and hate the watery substance which comes out when you squeeze the ketchup. So they designed a part which will separate the liquid from the water. which in my mind is the best invention ever.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blog Post #8

   This Video has to be my favorite ever. This video was done by Randy Pausch. Randy is giving a speech in Carnegie Mellon University auditorium. This speech is about achieving your dreams. Randy is giving this speech because he found out that he is diagnose with ten tumors in his liver and has about three to six months left to live.

   Randy begins his speech in his lecture. First, was what his childhood dreams were and how he accomplished those dreams. Second was how we can enable dreams of others and how he has enabled dreams of students and co-workers. Last is lessons learned: How you can achieve your dreams or enable dreams of others.

   He starts his speech by going down his lists of childhood dreams that have had a huge impact on his life. The lists started with being in zero gravity, playing in the NFL, authorizing an article in the World Book Encyclopedia, being Captain Kirk, winning the big stuffed animals, and being a Disney Imagineer. He goes over the lists and tells the audience how all these things have impacted his life in which he became today.

   He then goes on and tells how he has enabled students to do work. He comes back to teaching and gives an assignment and all the students surpass his expectations all the way to being done in the first year. A mentor told him you need to go out there and tell them “yeah yall did well but yall could do better”. If you set a limit on the students they will go no higher than that limit. If you do not set a limit the results are amazing.

   Last he goes on and tells about achieving the dreams by deciding if you are going to be an Eeyore or Tigger. Next he says never lose the child like wonder. Then he goes on to say help others. Later states that loyalty is a two way street and he tells how he vogue for a student before he ever had tinier. Last is never give up.

  Lastly Randy gives a huge twist on the speech but to find out you must watch his last speech up at the top.

Randy has change the way many will teach in their classrooms. Randy inspires us to never set limits in our class room. We will set our classes with the highest expectations and hope that they will surpass any expectations. Because all we can do as a teacher is teach our students to the best of our ability and help them learn new views about the subject. When we teach we will try to pass on this video to my students.

We can learn for Randy that sometimes following your dreams is more important than being safe. Randy went out their and sought out his dreams. His dreams never came to him, he went out there and found it. Randy is an inspiration to everyone out there not just us as teachers.

Randy giving a speech the speech in a black polo

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Implications and Teaching Oppertunities for Camera use in Teaching and Learning

    Smartphones keep up to date with all the new technology. As a future teacher I believe that the education, schools, teachers, and students should also be up to date with the new technological advantages in the world. Everyone can been benefit from the new technological advantages. Smartphones are more commonly used throughout the student by statistics from HERE CLICK ME! Zogby. If Kids use their phones more than laptops or tablets I say lets use that to our advantages.

    Smartphones allow students and teachers to use any questions they have and find the immediately through there phones. Phones are smaller and faster than most Laptops. This is a key factor why kids use their smartphones more. Smartphones also can look up information when no wifi is around. Phones use is all around better than a laptop.

    We can Use the camera's on the smartphones for use. We could send out the kids outside of class to take pictures of people or things that inspire them. Then they could share it on their blog. The product that you can see will be outstanding. You can also use the camera for the same reason but let them take a picture of their favorite place. This will be an affective way to increase the interactive opportunity in learning to gain knowledge.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blog Post #6

      When I watched PBL#2 and PBL#1 By Mr. Capps, I learned that as a teacher the more involved students are to the outside of the school walls themore they aare willing to learn. The kids in Mr. Capps class had a project to write to the congressman. they had twenty-eight letters done but as a class choose only the eight best to send to the congressman. When students do not have limits as a teacher you can truly see how much the students are willing to put forth and do.

A study group of college kids

      In the second video Mr. Capps talks about how they had an assignment to write a script as if they were a child in Afghanistan. The was one problem that a child's father did not want him to learn about anything from Afghanistan. With the parent not approving the work Mr. Capps had to assign the student to a diffrent project while everyone else was working on the script learning about Afghanistan. WWhile this reminds the teacher that they can not just assign projects but they need to make sure it does not offend and that the parents will allow their child to study the subject. Many parents will usually let the child study the work but there are some parents that shelter their child from many controversy subjects.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Project #8 Book Trailer

C4k's September

My first comment was to a girl from Pt England named Te Puawai. She is a seventh year student their.
Her blog post was about how drugs are bad. Puawai went on saying that "drugs can ruin your life" and that "drugs don't choose people, people choose drugs".

   My comment to Puawai was that I know someone that drugs have changed their life. I went on telling her that even one day can change the life of that one person by telling her that we had to put my best friend's mom in a rehabilitation clinic. That eventually she became drug free and has thanked me for changing her life.

My second comment was to a girl name Nichole. Nichole was a girl in high school that blogged about her best friend in high school. She said that her and Awiana are best friends and that they have a weird relationship.

    My comment to Nichole was that I have had many weird friendships. I went on telling her that my weirdest friendship came from my best friend's ex girlfriend. I went and told her how they split and how we still remained close. Then I told her how we split about because of a new boyfriend.

My Third comment I went back to Puawai and found out she had a new video published on her blog.

    I commented on the video saying that I had to do a video this week and if it is anything like her's I am sure to pass. Then I told her it looked like fun that her and her friends were having making the video. Then I told her to keep having fun and stay true.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Blog Post #5

Women holding a sign saying Passionate Learning Networks Refueling the Way we Educate
A PLN (Personal Learning Network) is a network where you can connect with people, can share ideas, and find new resources. I did not know that I was previously using a PLN until today. I never knew that Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace were considered a PLN. My PLN will most likely start off with have Twitter or my Facebook account on it. I believe I can use a PNL in a classroom very effectively to share information all around the world with my class and even their parents. In A Seventh graders PLN you can see how a PLN can work and see how easy it is to use. I think I can also use all of my C4"s , C4K's C4T's and C4C's, to help me out even though they are different countries, ages, and even races that is one of the most important steps into forming a PLN is people.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project #4 C4T #1

 Mrs. Dahl blogged about potential. Mrs. Dahl says that some people believes that "potential is fixed" but goes on saying that we must "give our students opportunities to develop their potential.
 I commented that I use to believe that it was fixed but I told her about how my life changed after high school. High school I couldn't do as good as my sisters but in college I have been better than they ever were.

  Ms. Brenda Jones is a P.E teacher and she blogged about Skills and Tactics from Paper to Practice. It is about turning strategy from practice onto real sporting events. She shows a video about Netball to show what is tactics and what is strategy. Show how people use their tactics from measurements and ability. Where they use strategy to stop the other teams tactics.
   I went a=on and commented saying how I wish to become a coach and told them how in a wrestling match that the teams kept throwing in legs. Doing another match I had to drag aside the team and show them how to stop or how to escape from that tactic.

   Mrs. Shireen Dadmehr is a math teacher and she blogged about how to divide two fractions. Se was asked to show the student how to divide after a test. She went on and took pictures of how she worked out her problem step by step.
    I commented saying That is great math. I never took precalculus but I'm pretty sure I could learn a lot out of one of your classes. You break down the steps in an easy way to learn. Later on I went back and said I'm sorry I did take precalculus for some reason I thought precalculus was calculus.
   Mr. Dylan posted a blog about how to use this website to show how you can use it as a coaching platform for practices. The video shows how to plan for a practice like passing the puck in hokey or passing the ball in soccer. You can find any sport in this website and see what you would like your team to practice on and see what drills you could do for that practice.

   My Comment was This blog is very helpful for me. I went on it and created my own account. As a future teacher and coach i will try to use this website to help me keep my students/players involved of the daily activities we will be doing.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Project 15

Ixquick is a search that is a private search engine that allows you to go anywhere without your IP address. Ixquick is old and slow but for it to protect you from any damage it is worth the wait.

Bing is a very popular search engine besides like google. I believe that Bing has the best and sharpest pictures on the internet.

Duck Duck Go is a search engine that is very unique. At the top of Duck Duck Go's website when you look it up they have tabs that you can click on and it quickly shows pictures, tabs, definition, and more. This search engine is really good but it doesn't have very good sources and pictures.

Dogpile is a search engine that does not have any unique things on its website. It is really basic and not very impressive.

Yahoo search engine is an older search engine that is catching up with the new times. They have some very impressive articles but lack flash like Bing or Google.

Ask is my least favorite search engine. I found it very plain and not very helpful At All

WOW has a very cool search opening website that has very quick links to famous sites like Pinterest, Twitter, Amazon, Ebay, and more. If you like to go on the search engine that can get you to popular websites this is the best one for that.

Wolffram Alpha is a search engine that shows great detail on what you may look up. i looked up Mobile, Al and it gave me a huge list of facts about Mobile. It gave me the population, weather/humidity, the demographics, and more. This search engine may be the best results as any of these search engines.

Blog #4

Teacher ask questions all the time. How they phrase a question is just as important as asking the question itself. Phrasing a question the right way gives the student more ways to think about to answer. Making students really think about the question more than a yes or no may expand the students mind. Students will only answer the questions you give them. To make the student think put rephrase those yead and no question and make them an open ended question. Open ended questions are the best (in my belief) questions to ask the students. The video open ending questions with Andi Stix shows how to rephrase very typical questions into better questions for the students. When you rephrase a question always remember that you need to keep the question open for the students and to ask how did they come to that conclusion. Asking multiple questions at one time can confuse the students. It is better to ask question after question. The teacher will see which questions the students are having trouble with and which ones that the students know very well.

What is your opinion

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Blog Post #3

Peer Review Picture with many words saying compliment, direct, review, etc.

Peer review can be scary, it may also be difficult. I know personal I always have some grammar mistakes just ask my group. I know I'm not the best at peer reviewing but as someone who always has grammar mistakes in my assignment I always just go with a straight approach, because as soon to be teachers we personally know no ones perfect. That's why we must help out each other for all assignments and blogs. To be straight forward is showing that hey you did something wrong you might want to correct that. It may be a little direct but as long as they know it is to help them to understand in the future it is all worth it.
I know I probably made some mistakes already but other than the direct approach I learned that you can use a slightly less direct approach in Peer Review Slide that being more helpful by commenting and giving the paper compliments about how good their paper looks. While i have had many peer reviewers read my paper many of them always start out with some sort of compliment before telling me whats wrong. The compliment really helps out someone who knows he struggles in grammar giving them a boost by telling themselves that " Yeah I messed up but my classmate really loves how I counterargument the subject". Giving advise can be difficult but if they know that, even if it hurts the classmate a little, they are ultimately making them a better student in someway is always a great job.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


The central message in this the short film Mr. Dancealot is that just reading from a screen but to make the students get up and try the dance out itself. The author makes this conclusion by at the end having all the students with their notes out for them to take the final but without first hand experience they were doom to fail. I agree with the authors conclusion because not everything can be read off a power point and the students able to understand the subject at which they were being taught. Being just a reader as a teacher is not a successful way to be a teacher or professor.
Robert thinks that teaching is a way to engage the students by using new technology to help understand a lesson. Technology is not a full on teacher and can't provide some simpler answer like a teacher can but technology can be used to help out a teacher or student question.

I. Robert's teaching
A. He says "students can find information anywhere"
B. He states "that they can find information anytime"
C. He states "they could look up whatever information they would like to know more about".
1. from Google, Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, and cell phones
II. Robert ask questions technology can barely help with
A. He asks " who should I vote for?", " where can I get reliable news?", and also "What to do if I have a layover?"
B. Technology can't provide the answers to all these questions but another person like a teacher can show the student how to and also use technology to see how it could help them.
III Robert Uses technology to help
A. Last Robert ask how can it help by using technology.
1. technology can help students anytime, anyplace, or anywhere. A teacher can not do that they can only help when the student wants the help.

It will affect me as a teacher by trying to use new technology that I've never seen a teacher use use it in class to help the students engage in class. by knowing more about technology it can help the students fully understand the lesson.

In "The Networked Student" by Wendy Drexler she is trying to show how a college student ,from the twenty first century, can be in an online course just like EDM310. He can use and gather information from the web, and share it with all his classmates, co-workers, friends, and family.The video shows how he can use the information he got to post it in a public website for anyone to see it. At the end of the video the big question is why he needs the teacher. The teacher is there more for guidance to make sure that if he is confused to give him advice on what she thinks is the best thing for the subject. My reaction to the video was ,as a college student, very questioned why he even thought that he didn't need a teacher. I thought not everyone in his class is going to completly understand everything that is going on in class. I may have had a couple of online classes but I always go out there and find my professor if I had have any questions regarding the work I was doing.

The main point in "Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts" by Vicki Davis is that teachers should not know everything but also want to learn just like the students are. Her argument is very valid I do believe that if you teach something and the child does not fully grasp it they should look it up and if that does not help then ask the teacher for the help. With the children in her class also be teachers can help not only the students in the class but can help the teacher also. Because, a teacher maybe there for the students to learn from her they can also help the teacher learn new things.

I am an undergraduate at the University of South Alabama and after watching "Who's Ahead In The Learning Race" by John Strange the answer to the question who is ahead in the learning race seems really simple. Obviously the Elementary children are ahead of any college student with technology. I do believe that then it would have to be the undergraduates and then the graduates at the university.

In "Flipping the Classroom" children use the computer at their home and watch videos of the teacher teaching the next lesson for the next day. With this new way of teaching the children to pre learn things they can gather new questions before they enter the classroom of what they do not understand so the teacher can help them faster and easier. This way ill make sure that a lot more learning will be done and less time doing the problem and then helping the child out. If the students can understand and do the work correctly it can make for a lot less time on the teacher to teach but help the ones who are confused by this problem.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blog #1

I have heard a lot of different things about EDM310. I have heard that this class will take time, will take practice, will take teamwork, and will take self teaching. I have also heard that not to take this course so seriously that in time it gets a lot easier. I have also heard that EDM310 is one of the hardest class because you have to do everything and if you miss anything you miss will be severely penalized no matter what the excuse.
My fears for this class are missing an assignment and also missing a day of class. My biggest fear in this class is not passing with an A. EDM310 has lowered some of my friends' GPAs.
EDM310 is different than any of my other classes because the class is mostly online teamwork. I have worked with classmates in class but never on my own time. It will be very interesting how we are going to have to work with many students trying to find the same time that all of us could attend. In other classes it's all online except for a presentation and this class is a blended class which requires more online than in class.
The most difficult thing for me in EDM310 may be making sure I have all my work done and done correctly without a teacher telling my that this is wrong and help me out. There is also the fact that I may watch something or read something and misinterpertate what the video or website was trying to tell me.
The best way for me to address this problem would be for me to either watch the video or the book many times so that way i wont be confused in my work. There is also try and get in touch with my classmates so I can see if they are seeing and understanding the same thing that I am seeing.
My questions for EDM310 are why not be more online then offline, why have blogger be such a big deal, and why not be more of a technology class. My best ways to address these questions are to wait and find out what exactly we are truly doing in this class. I will find out all my question in do time I suppose.

Practice Blog Post

I. My Life
a. where I graduated
b. where I live
c. My hobbies
II. Why history
a. who inspired me
b. how he inspired me
III. What a teachers entails
a. New technology advances
b. Way to cope with children's personal life
c. How to change with new knowledge and new technology
IV. What to get better on
a. Being more able to adapt to knew technology
b. Being able to handle stress better
c. Staying calm and cool
V True Interesting
a. Wrestling

My name is Caleb Fleming. I went to high school at Stanhope Elmore High School in Millbrook, AL, which is a six A school, and I graduated in 2011. I am the youngest of three children and the only male to carry on my grandfather's last name. I currently live here in Mobile at Greentree Apartments. My hobbies include any sports or activity. If anyone ask me to join no matter what the sport or activity is. My favorite two sports are wrestling and football. I was the first wrestler in my high school and I was a four year varsity player in football for my high school.
I was inspired to become a teacher by two of my ex. coaches and also ex. teachers. They were inspiring me after I broke my leg my senior year by sitting me down and telling me about the goods and bads of teaching. They let me sit in class and show how if they as teachers fail to inspire children to grow up and inspire them to become something special with their lives.
A teacher is suppose to be able to keep up with technological advances so they may keep up with the students trying to learn not only in class but also at home. For teachers to properly teach they need to know how a computer runs and also what new device is out. Teachers also has to handle a child's personal life that some of the teenagers out there are working forty plus hours and going home to be a full parent to their own brothers and sisters. A lot of teenagers have to act like a father or mother to their own brothers and sisters, because some parents are unable to work.
I am always a happy go lucky person. I always smile and make people smile by being my goody self. There are rooms for improvement that I need to go through to become a great teacher. One is to stay up to date with technology and its advances. Two is to be able to handle stress from other teachers and principles. Last is to stay cool and clam when someone yells at me.
My true interest in life is to try to bring down wrestling down here in the south Alabama. Many high schools south of Montgomery do not have a high school wrestling team. Wrestling can teach kids alot like being self independent and also to be just as mental as strength.

Monday, August 18, 2014

My Test Post Title

This is my first post. I clicked the HTML button which I should always do in EDM310. I am now a Blogger!