Saturday, November 22, 2014

c4k's November

William N. Blog is a video that shows dancing between great men. The video is Here it is hard for me to describe it so there is the video to describe it for me.

I commented Nice use of the Video William. It was very interesting watching those two men dance. They look like they were having so much fun dancing. Personally i am not good at dancing but I got some friends that might want to try it. I might post it on my Blog. Keep up the good work.

Olivia did a great project. She was put into groups with her best friend and they took pictures of themselves and edited them using some software not mentioned. When the art work was done you could see a cartoony look to them but the key point of the pictures is their glasses. In their glasses they had what they wanted to be when they grew up. Her's was a sports journalist and her friends was a physical trainer for the Dallas Cowboys

I commented Olivia I loved how you talked about your project. You did not just go into the blog saying here is the out come. You showed us step by step how you came to the outcome, which is the best way to show an audience how the outcome happened. The picture inside the glasses are awesome. I hope you and Abby get your dream jobs.

ALEX wrote a blog post using new vocabulary words. He used words like excursion and Stupefy.

I commented Alex I am a student at the University of South Alabama and I have read this post and I must say that is a great job using new and unusual vocabulary words. Keep up the great work

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