Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blog Post #8

   This Video has to be my favorite ever. This video was done by Randy Pausch. Randy is giving a speech in Carnegie Mellon University auditorium. This speech is about achieving your dreams. Randy is giving this speech because he found out that he is diagnose with ten tumors in his liver and has about three to six months left to live.

   Randy begins his speech in his lecture. First, was what his childhood dreams were and how he accomplished those dreams. Second was how we can enable dreams of others and how he has enabled dreams of students and co-workers. Last is lessons learned: How you can achieve your dreams or enable dreams of others.

   He starts his speech by going down his lists of childhood dreams that have had a huge impact on his life. The lists started with being in zero gravity, playing in the NFL, authorizing an article in the World Book Encyclopedia, being Captain Kirk, winning the big stuffed animals, and being a Disney Imagineer. He goes over the lists and tells the audience how all these things have impacted his life in which he became today.

   He then goes on and tells how he has enabled students to do work. He comes back to teaching and gives an assignment and all the students surpass his expectations all the way to being done in the first year. A mentor told him you need to go out there and tell them “yeah yall did well but yall could do better”. If you set a limit on the students they will go no higher than that limit. If you do not set a limit the results are amazing.

   Last he goes on and tells about achieving the dreams by deciding if you are going to be an Eeyore or Tigger. Next he says never lose the child like wonder. Then he goes on to say help others. Later states that loyalty is a two way street and he tells how he vogue for a student before he ever had tinier. Last is never give up.

  Lastly Randy gives a huge twist on the speech but to find out you must watch his last speech up at the top.

Randy has change the way many will teach in their classrooms. Randy inspires us to never set limits in our class room. We will set our classes with the highest expectations and hope that they will surpass any expectations. Because all we can do as a teacher is teach our students to the best of our ability and help them learn new views about the subject. When we teach we will try to pass on this video to my students.

We can learn for Randy that sometimes following your dreams is more important than being safe. Randy went out their and sought out his dreams. His dreams never came to him, he went out there and found it. Randy is an inspiration to everyone out there not just us as teachers.

Randy giving a speech the speech in a black polo


  1. Hey Caleb.
    I think you got the message in his speech. You did a good job pointing out the main points, but I would avoid the "first, then, next". Well, I wouldn't use it so much. Your last paragraph was kind of messy. I don't say that to be rude. I just think you could write it better. The only other thing I read that was unclear was the sentence, "The list has being zero gravity". Did you mean to use the word being? Just check and make sure. Maybe I'm misreading it.

  2. I agree with Meyers in that you obviously got the message of the video, however, you have some issues to work out. Also, your post was more of a summary of the video. The question was what we could learn about teaching from this video. You pointed out to not set limits, but you didn't clearly state what you learned about teaching from the video.

  3. Be sure to fully answer the driving question.

  4. Hey Caleb!

    Here are my suggestions for this post for our iBook:
    1) The photo is a bit big to have it in the middle of a paragraph. You can fix this by either making it smaller or moving it to where it is in-between two paragraphs.
    2) I agree with the above statements. You basically summarized the video and did not give much input as to what you learned about teaching and learning in this video. To fix this you should probably summarize your summary to one paragraph and then go into detail on the question that was asked in the Blog Post pdf.

    Let me know if you have any questions about my suggestions!
    Jennifer Cole

  5. Caleb,
    Here are a couple quick things to think about:
    When using transitions (first, lastly, etc) remember to use a comma after. ex "Lastly," That will allow the reader to pause before continuing reading.
    I think you can look into maybe combining sentences with comma or other punctuation in order to create more complex sentences, since most of them are basic.
    For the ending, I like how you didn't give away his ending to his lecture, but I would consider putting another link to the speech here, instead of just saying "his last speech up at the top."
    I agree with the others that this was mostly a summarizing post, and you could share more of how you felt watching the video, how it has affected your life, etc.

  6. Hey Caleb!
    Here are my suggestions:
    - In the second para, I would rewrite the sentences. They seem choppy. Maybe use a conjunction and combined them.
    - In the third para, where you wrote "The lists has being..." It should be the lists have. Try to use pleural noun/verb agreement.
    - In the third para, I think you should delete "last on the list" and let the rest of the sentence flow with the listing.
    - In the third para, "in which he become..", maybe it should say "and made him who he is today."
    - In the last para, expectations is misspelled and the paragraph is missing commas.
    I agree, most of the blog is summarizing the video. I would have liked to see you share more of how you would use his techniques in your class.