Saturday, October 11, 2014

Implications and Teaching Oppertunities for Camera use in Teaching and Learning

    Smartphones keep up to date with all the new technology. As a future teacher I believe that the education, schools, teachers, and students should also be up to date with the new technological advantages in the world. Everyone can been benefit from the new technological advantages. Smartphones are more commonly used throughout the student by statistics from HERE CLICK ME! Zogby. If Kids use their phones more than laptops or tablets I say lets use that to our advantages.

    Smartphones allow students and teachers to use any questions they have and find the immediately through there phones. Phones are smaller and faster than most Laptops. This is a key factor why kids use their smartphones more. Smartphones also can look up information when no wifi is around. Phones use is all around better than a laptop.

    We can Use the camera's on the smartphones for use. We could send out the kids outside of class to take pictures of people or things that inspire them. Then they could share it on their blog. The product that you can see will be outstanding. You can also use the camera for the same reason but let them take a picture of their favorite place. This will be an affective way to increase the interactive opportunity in learning to gain knowledge.

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