Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blog Post #9

    In the Seven Essentials for PBL and in the video PBL for Teachers states out its driving question with what does every good project needs? Both begin with “A need to know”, which is like sparking the interest for the students to learn with a video or other means of engaging the students. Two was “A driving question” which is giving the students a clear and challenging question for them to overcome in the classroom. Third was “Student voice and choice” which is what topic the student wants to choose to how to give the driving question answered. Fourth was “21st century skills” which means the students should build their use with technology by using it to help with communications, working together, and also critical thinking. Fifth was “Inquiry and innovation” which is the student using their own inquiry in their own work to help find and understand the driving question? Last was “Feedback and revision” which gives the student the opportunity to correct the errors they make because let’s face it no one’s project will be 100% right. Then the students will publicly give their project to not only the class but also to everyone by putting it on the internet.

PBL design

    In PBL and Physical Education they use the same techniques also not only help some one in the class room but also activities such as sports

    In this video What motivates Students Today are students saying what makes them more motivated in school. First was to congratulate the student on their hard work and their grade. Which makes the student feel like the work he did was good and to keep up the good work they have done in the class. Second is them looking forward beyond the school year but after they graduate and try to do what they want to do in life. Next the students talked about what the teachers in their schools have done for rewards.

    InKetchup solvers two senior students love ketchup and hate the watery substance which comes out when you squeeze the ketchup. So they designed a part which will separate the liquid from the water. which in my mind is the best invention ever.

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  1. "...the video PBL for Teachers states out its driving question with what does every good project needs?" I can't figure to what you were trying to say. Starts out? States the driving question is …?

    Rather hurried I think. Acceptable.