Saturday, October 25, 2014

c4k"s october

   Clifton's blog said, "What are the things in your life you can convince someone to change?" He goes to in saying, "people are out of control".

   I commented Clifton people are going out of control but we as humans can change anyone’s life just by being ourselves. Peer pressure is one of the most worst things that many young kids can go through. Many kids do bad things under peer pressure. It is not only the kids that feel peer pressure it is also the adults. Adults feel peer pressure just around the office where many of their co workers are.

      Natasha's blog was about Should kids lose recess. She argues that the student should realize that in a act it states that recess is a privilege not a right. She goes on sharing that she believes you can get better students out of taking away recess from the misbehaved students and let the good kids play.

   I commented I agree with you Natasha. Kids now a days think that they just can have recess no matter what. Many more schools need to push forward and make the kids know that recess is a privilege in school. Kids will then start to behave better so that way they can get to go to recess and will led to less complications in the class room.

   Nike's blog asked one big question," Is Football to dangerous for kids". He states " That football gives kids one too many concussions. Showing that youth football players should not go tackle head first because it causes more concussions.

   I commented Nike why I agree that concussions are bad I just do not think they will change football for the youth. As a volunteer coach we are teaching the youth better and more proper ways to tackle so they will be less likely to get a concussion.

    Taimana blog is about "What do Capitals mean". He goes saying that what should be capitalized in letters like Names, pronouns, places, religious holiday, and more. At the end he goes and makes a rubric of how he grades a paragraph in many areas like vocabulary, Spelling, meaning, and more.

    I commented Great job Taimana. Capital letters are important for a paragraph to move more smoothly throughout the writing. I agree with your graph. It shows how you understand the whole picture of writing nit just small things. Keep up the great work.

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