Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blog Post #6

      When I watched PBL#2 and PBL#1 By Mr. Capps, I learned that as a teacher the more involved students are to the outside of the school walls themore they aare willing to learn. The kids in Mr. Capps class had a project to write to the congressman. they had twenty-eight letters done but as a class choose only the eight best to send to the congressman. When students do not have limits as a teacher you can truly see how much the students are willing to put forth and do.

A study group of college kids

      In the second video Mr. Capps talks about how they had an assignment to write a script as if they were a child in Afghanistan. The was one problem that a child's father did not want him to learn about anything from Afghanistan. With the parent not approving the work Mr. Capps had to assign the student to a diffrent project while everyone else was working on the script learning about Afghanistan. WWhile this reminds the teacher that they can not just assign projects but they need to make sure it does not offend and that the parents will allow their child to study the subject. Many parents will usually let the child study the work but there are some parents that shelter their child from many controversy subjects.


  1. Caleb, you make some valid points. It is important that the parents approve the subject their child is studying, but I do not think that's the main or only point to focus on. I do agree with you, but the project Mr. Capps assigned to his students was also very successful. After their scripts were finished, they had the opportunity to become familiar with iMovie and create a project the students became very proud of once they were finished. The project, also, allowed the students to apply what they had learned and dig deeper into the topic of culture they had been studying, furthering their knowledge. You did pick a good picture to go with your blog and you also had good content, but I would try to proofread, as well.

  2. "...themore they aare willing to learn…" Two typos.

    "WWhile this reminds the teacher that they…" Typo.

    Seems a bit hurried. Proofread!